Through and Through

I think it comes to the point where I'm finally tired asking "why?' and start ignoring it, letting it flow. You fall you get up. You go through and through some big events with some little yet meaningful ones. You try to figure something out, and when you fail you just give a little shrug on you shoulders and just go on or give it another try without any traumas. I don't know either I'm super duper stressed or I'm just in a save flat mood or I'm just in a 'i don't give a care' moment. The important part is, I'm still functioning well.

It's amazing right? How human heart works, adapting into every kind of conditions, surviving through every problems and expressing emotions along with it.

And while you're living your own life, with no reason or condition your heart cares about others too. So you empathize peoples, wondering their life, helping them on problems and you just can't avoid that empathy line in human race. The humanity that makes you human. While you're asking, am I human enough without being taken for granted?

And come on, how many lines we passed through, about faith and destiny, trials, errors, coincidences and endless questions about it. How all events around the world, in the past, present and even future somehow connects and makes a mega storyboard about us. 7 billion people in one earth.

And here you are, without any of those big things panting and tired and surviving and complaining and thanking everything that you should go through your one simple life line.

Imagine that there are 7 billion others people who are just like you. Dealing with the same game, only different levels with different kinds of devils and one mega stage : Earth.

Complex huh?

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