Dear Ramadhan,

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Why are you gone too soon? But its okay. We'll meet up again next year.

It's Eid today, I'm smiling because the atmosphere is full of happiness. It warms the heart, when I could gather with my little family. And of course, various of foods that only appear in Eid, ketupat, rendang, opor, you can name it! I'm ready to get fat haha. Even though the celebration is simple, it's still feel special (:

Happy Eid ul Fitr to all muslims, it's a very beautiful day isnt it? Lets forgive eachother, to make our bond stronger. Recharge our Iman, to face 11 ordinary month before we meet Ramadhan again (: I hope we could be a better person after this Ramadhan and be good enough to be by Allah's side.

May Allah always bless us all and forgive our sins. Amen!

Once again, selamat berlebaran ria semuanya \o/

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