You. Me. Us. Proud:)

Im proud of Justin. Im proud of beliebers. Im proud of us. Nominated for 3 awards and won all of them.. No words can describe how proud am I. How happy am I. I just smile all day after knowing this great news:) It feels like, our bonds are getting stronger and stronger and I feel like having a second family with Justin and Beliebers. We support eachother, feel proud together, feel happy together, cry together, screwed up together, and care eachother. That's why we, Beliebers kinda over-protective with Justin. While Justin kept saying "MY beliebers" , "Beautiful Fans." , "OUR awards." , "OUR album." We are TOTALLY a big loving family:) 
And I love this kinda relationship. Its just another blessing:)

Justin looked handsome at the AMAs, with his Mother, Pattie. Without many dramas, everything just chilled down after the Jelena Drama. I cant doubt that Justin seemed more happy now after they broke up. His smile were just more...true. His eyes were just more...glowing. He's getting better:) Everything is better now.

JUSTIN, BELIEBERS, I LOVE YOU <3 We Won 3 AMA's Award. We Won 82+ Awards and Got 182++ Nominations. We've been here for him from the start and will be here until the end. From purple to black-gold. From Common Denominator to ALAYLM. From The start of Jelena until the End.
And Still Kidrauhl.

Cheers (":

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